Oct 192015
That's Not a Vagina

Hi, I’m dizzy, owner of the sex toy review blog, Toy Meets Girl. Welcome to, That’s Not a Vagina. So, what’s the purpose of this blog, you may ask? Well, I saw a need – a need for a resource meant to educate people on the proper terminology for the genitals of those who have …Read More

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Jan 212017
Calling all bloggers!

I’ve been asking for submissions to TNaV for awhile now and have gotten some great posts. From the very beginning, I felt bad for not being able to compensate the bloggers as much as I wanted to. Being a blogger myself, I understand that our work has worth. I also decided that all commissions I …Read More

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Jan 022017
On Words, Vulvas, and the Importance of Slang

When I was taking my Intro to Psychology class in college, I had this really great professor. She was all about discovery-based interactive learning, doing projects and activities to figure things out instead of listening to someone lecture and taking notes. One day, we did an exercise about slang words. She divided us into small …Read More

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Dec 262016
PCOS: An Introduction

  First, let me say this: If this is your first introduction to uterine anatomy, stop and read this before you come back. The women in my family all started their periods at the age of 13. I remember hearing the calls of my sisters from the bathroom. “Mom! It’s started.” I remember hearing about cramps …Read More

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Dec 192016
Give Me Lube or, Give Me Death!

OK yeah, that title is a bit melodramatic but not by much. The simple fact is, nothing is going into my vagina without lube – not fingers, not a penis and not a dildo or vibrator. I simply don’t make a lot of natural lubrication. It’s been that way as long as I remember. And …Read More

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Dec 122016
Try a Trash-Free Period - Giveaway

I’ve been suppressing my period with the birth control pill for so long, I don’t remember when I started doing it. But I haven’t had a full blown period in easily over 5 years. I know some people have opinions on doing this but many medical professionals say that there is no medical reason to …Read More

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Dec 052016
I Am Not Just a Vagina, Dammit

In 2012, feminist Lindy West wrote on Jezebel, “I will never, EVER stop saying ‘vagina’ when I mean ‘vulva.’ Yes, I know the difference. No, I don’t care how mad you are about it. Yes, I think your outrage is misdirected and humorless and pedantic and boring. No, I’m not sorry.” While she’s certainly free …Read More

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Nov 222016
It’s Not A Vagina, It’s The Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) includes a group of disorders causing abnormalities of the pelvic floor. It does not discriminate against gender or sexual orientation, however it has a tendency to play favorites. It’s predominate diagnosis is for someone with a vagina, but penis owners can and do suffer this dysfunction as well. I will be …Read More

Nov 152016
Talking About Periods

This is not supposed to be a polite post. This is not supposed to be a Safe for Work post. This post is being written from the perspective of an educator who has a particular anatomy, and can answer particular questions. Why am I in a position to do this? Because I’ve actually done my …Read More