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george-marks-glamorous-woman-in-evening-gown-holding-hand-mirror-legs-on-cabinetI’m gonna go out on a limb and say, if you don’t know the proper terms for your genitals then you probably don’t have a really good idea of what’s going on down there. It amazes me that some folks with vulvas can go their whole lives without ever having wielded a mirror and gazed at their nethers. Of course, this is mostly the older generations who were taught that their vulvas were gross and smelly and not to be looked at. Unfortunately, this attitude is still somewhat prevalent today.

It’s just as important to get to know your body as it is to learn the correct terms for its parts. If you know how things are supposed to look, then you might be able to notice when there’s something wrong. And as the spirit of this blog suggests, having a vulva is something to be celebrated. You should be proud, no matter how yours looks because they ALL look different. Some people don’t even know that. And if all you’ve ever seen are vulvas in porn, which frequently have small inner labia, and then you look at yourself and you don’t… you might feel like there is something wrong with you. But there absolutely is not. Vulvae are like snowflakes and each one is unique.

Plus, can we just talk about the clitoris for a second? Is this not the best thing that was ever created? It’s only purpose in life is to provide pleasure. It’s the only organ that’s solely dedicated to making you feel good. The glans of the penis has around 4,000 nerve endings, while the mighty clit has a whopping 8,000 sensory nerve endings. Seriously, the clit is a divine gift.

So, for those of you who don’t have an up close and personal relationship with your vulva, Sexologist Vixenne has written a wonderful post that guides you through the process of self discovery.

She writes:

Have you ever really, and I mean REALLY looked at it? For most vulva owners the very idea of looking “down there” is terrifying. They don’t want their partners to spend too long by their genitals, and often eschew receiving oral sex. We’ve been conditioned by society to think that vulvas are smelly, gross, ugly, and weird. There is a whole aisle in grocery and drug stores full of products to deodorize, perfume, and “cleanse” this body part. There is absolutely no need for these products! Vulvas and vaginas have very delicate ecosystems. All that is needed to keep a vulva happy and healthy is regular good hygiene. Yeah, just showering. You don’t really need soap except on the outside. It can get irritated with harsh soaps – and no one likes an irritated pussy.

I encourage you to read the rest of her article as she leads you on a journey of self exploration… just you and a mirror.

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I am determined to educate the world about the vulva. I expect it won't be long until I'm known as the vulva police.
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  • Angela Goodnight-Blog

    Congratulations on launching this site. Misnaming our body parts has always been an annoyance to me, too. I’m adding a link to it on my wordpress blog.